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Features: ENRELY is a security combination solution for the electrical system. With ENRELY, customers benefit from markedly reduced costs and safety of the electrical system and environment . Thanks to flexible applications and multifunction that means a package solution of the whole system takes ground potential attack suppressing, fault arc warning, three-phase unbalance adjustment , reactive power optimization,harmonic filtering and low voltage control, and significantly reduce the consumption of transformer, line loss, suppress over-voltage induced by resonance/operator and lightning and alleviate the insulation aging etc. ENRELY can be installed or expanded in any location, at any time, regardless of whether or there is not already a LPS or other safety system installed. ENRELY fault self-diagnosis function, can effectively detect the faults which exist in the whole equipment or system, the testing results and relevant data are timely reported through the temperature sensor ,light disp...
Features: GPAS (Ground Potential Attack Suppressor) is an active lightning protection device that combines ground potential attack suppression and fault arc defense. It can significantly reduce lightning damage, Arc damage and destruction of the equipment through suppress the ground potential counter-attack .The fact of lightning – It must be respected at all times, not just during the peak periods of a thunderstorm.– It is the result of high voltage currents.– It is unpredictable. This makes researching natural organic strikes very hard.– Most characteristics of lightning are intelligent estimates of typical values formed from other data.– A properly installed lightning protection system will help to protect a property or structure from lightning damage. The Empire State Building is proof of this.GPAS has fault self-diagnosis function, which can effectively monitor the fault of the system and equipment, and timely report result through the temperature sensor, indicator light display and re...
Features: What to expect with GreenSine?BENEFITS:There are several benefits of reducing harmonics and disturbances in the electrical network.1 optimize your network , lower network utilization (stability , compensate power)2 Lower losses in the transformer, decrease power consumption and noise 3 Prolonged equipment lifetime with harmonic mitigation.4 Avoid non-compliance with electrical standard 5 Increased operational efficiency by avoiding unplanned stops 6 Keep speed of turbine , engine ,and fan with elimination of pulsating torque.THOSE INDUSTRIES NEED GreenSine: 1 Process industry : power quality in energy intensive process , require an uninterrupted flow of production caused by trips , unplanned stops , equipment failure , reduced equipment life and flicker . 2 Marine industry : ships , harbor cranes , marines vessels interrupted by reactive power , imbalance flicker , and harmonics , so that power failure and damage sensitive equipment . 3 Oil and gas :offsho...
Features: WHAT IS STATIC VAR GENERATOR?The principle of SVG: When the load is generating inductive or capacitive current , it makes load current lagging or leading the voltage . SVG detects the phase angle difference and generates leading or lagging current into the grid , making the phase angle of current almost the same as that of voltage on the transformer side .which means fundamental power factor is unit.Static Var Generator systems are based on VSC (voltage source controller) technology and usually custom-made for a specific case or installation. SVG devices are connected in shunt or parallel to the load.SVG is usually installed to support electricity networks that have a poor power factor and often poor voltage regulation. SVG is the best solution often deployed by utilities or large operations to solve flicker, harmonic and dynamic reactive compensation problems. What to expect with GreenVarGreenVar is a very simple and effective means to eliminate leading or lagging power factor, r...
Features: The VAAS( voltage automatic adjustment system ) is a kind of voltage sag corrector/active voltage conditioner which use different solution developed by Enrely company. It can prevent cost loss due to voltage sag in semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other power-critical manufacturing applications.The VAAS can cut off voltage sag power source for short time, typically 1~3s, and supply power to load during the voltage sag moment. It can support power supply, adjust the voltage sag, adjust and the voltage raise, eliminate the load reference and provide real time monitoring of fault arc.The effects of voltage sagIf voltage drop to 60% and keep the sag for more than 12 waveforms, the computer system will lost data and inner program will be disorder.If the work voltage was lower than 85% of system rated voltage, the chip tester will stop work.If the work voltage was lower than 50-80% of system rated voltage. The PLC program will stop work.If the voltage drop to 70% or 90% of rated system volt...
Features: The VFOS (Voltage Fluctuation Onsite Solution) is developed for purpose of solving the light load fake voltage on the end of line, and raise the voltage for heavy load. Also it can adjust the over voltage and voltage sag, eliminate the load reference and monitoring the fault arc by real time.
Features: AFDD (ARC FAULT DETECTION DEVICES) is designed to protect the electric, and dynamic detect any dangerous arc .AFDD Effective works in circuit of the grounding,series and parallel arcing series and parallel arcing and detect and distinguish between dangerous and working arcs . when the fault arc occurs, AFDD can find it out and send a signal to automatically trip a circuit in order to prevent from an electrical fire.
Case / Success case
Case name: Power Industry
Description: Lightning: Transformer damaged by lightning strike, which is the mainly reason and occupied in 50% during the accident of damage . Faulty Arc :Mechanism of faulty arc :1 the insulated tie (oil and solid) punctured by over-voltage and faulty arc occurs.2 energy transmission between oil and arc , which lead to temperature increasing surround arc At the same time , the oil in transformers vapour and became flammability gas in the form of plasma .3 with the increasing of pressure of bubble surround arc, a very concentrated partial phase change and prevention of expansion of gas by oil in transformer , they make the balance of pressure between gas and fluid.4 the wave of pressure created by pressure difference between gas and fluid ,transmits from arc to whole oil tank in speed of sound.5 Wave of pressure makes the permanent deformation, fire accident and damage. Harmonic:Arrays with strong nonlinear characteristics as transformer, in that, the current of harmonic will increa...
Case name: New Energy
Description: Lightning : solar energy and wind energy characterized as new energy, play an every important role in the development of energy and power industry . unfortunately the fan of wind system and the panel in solar system are easily attacked by the lightning.those devices of system will be damaged by the ground attack by the lightning strike directly or indirectly . Faulty Arc : there are some reasons such as joint loosening, bad connection , dampness wire, and rupture of insulation layer , those of all can create the faulty arc . Harmonic and three phase unbalance:Iron core with ferromagnetic saturation characteristics such as transformer ,and power electronic components based on the switching power supply equipment such as inverter, existed in the system of new energy . so that there are a various of problems caused by harmonic and three phase unbalance. Problem : 1 Increasing the loss of transmission circuit :When Frequency of harmonic is in line with the resonance poi...
Description: Lightning: Oil&gas and petroleum industry characterized by traits such as flammability and explosive. So that the safety of electric and lightning protection are necessary for them . Reason :1 metal equipment and instruments including react power, frame , tank , instrument , pipeline, good conductor and cable are good conductor .2 Flammable and explosive semi-product and product placed in Production equipment on condition of high temperature and high pressure .3 Electronic equipment as DCS , UPS , PLC etc widely used in process of production, in that , integrated circuit is easily attacked by lightning. And it can’t afford the electrostatic voltage, specially for big scale modular equipment during the lightning strike . Arc fault : arc , electric spark , electricity leak,short circuit, over-voltage and accumulation static are dangerous for flammable and explosive product . Harmonic and three phase unbalance : the process of production in this industry with intensive ...
Electrical Safety Products
To prevent and solve electrical accidents as the starting point,base on the independent intellectual property rights,Enrely has researched and developed series products for middle and low pressure electrical safety including phase unbalance and harmonic reactive power quality management system,arc fault detector,ground potential attack suppressor,etc. which can help our customers to build the safe and stable electrical safety environment. 
Industry Solutions
Enrely’s products have been widely used in domestic electric energy,petrochemical,communications,manufacturing,rail transportation,commercial real estate and other fields. Our products have been exported to Europe,Australia,South Africa,Southeast Asia,etc. in recent years,which makes solid progress towards international strategy.
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